Psalter 397


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1. O Lord, Thou art my God and King,
And I will ever bless Thy Name;
I will extol Thee every day,
And evermore Thy praise proclaim.

2. The Lord is greatly to be praised,
His greatness is beyond our thought;
From age to age the sons of men
Shall tell the wonders God has wrought.

3. Upon Thy glorious majesty
And wondrous works my mind shall dwell;
Thy deeds shall fill the worlds with awe,
And of Thy greatness I will tell.

4. Thy matchless goodness and Thy grace
Thy people shall commemorate,
And all Thy truth and righteousness
My joyful song shall celebrate.

5. The Lord our God is rich in grace,
Most tender and compassionate;
His anger is most slow to rise,
His loving kindness is most great.

6. The Lord is good in all His ways,
His creatures know His constant care;
To all His works His love extends,
All men His tender mercies share.

7. Thy works shall give Thee thanks, O Lord,
Thy saints Thy mighty acts shall show,
Till o’er the earth the sons of men
Thy kingdom, power, and glory know.

8. Eternal is Thy kingdom, Lord,
Forever strong and ever sure;
While generations rise and die
Shall Thy dominion still endure.

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