Psalter 41


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1. Most perfect is the law of God,
Restoring those that stray;
His testimony is most sure,
Proclaiming wisdom’s way.

2. The precepts of the Lord are right;
With joy they fill the heart;
The Lord’s commandments all are pure,
And clearest light impart.

3. The fear of God is undefiled
And ever shall endure;
The statutes of the Lord are truth
And righteousness most pure.

4. They warn from ways of wickedness
Displeasing to the Lord,
And in the keeping of his word
There is a great reward.

5. What man can know his evil heart,
Discerning all his sin?
O cleanse me, Lord, from hidden faults,
And make me pure within.

6. From willful sins Thy servant keep,
No vantage let them gain;
From great transgression thus made free,
I upright shall remain.

7. The words which from my mouth proceed,
The thoughts within my heart,
Accept, O Lord, for Thou my Rock
And my Redeemer art.

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