Psalter 417

1. Send forth, O Lord of my salvation,
Thy light and truth to be my guide,
O let their rays, in my privation,
Lead me unto Thy habitation,
Where ‘neath Thy wings I’ll be supplied
With grace Thou wilt provide.

2. Then, at Thy sacred altar bending,
My heart to God in prayer I’ll raise
With harp and voice, in worship blending,
Thy courts resound, while psalms, ascending
To God, my highest joy, bring praise
For all His wondrous ways.

3. My soul, why art thou sad and grieving?
Why so oppressed with anxious care?
Hope thou in God! His Word believing,
Thou shalt behold His face, receiving
The blessings of His countenance fair
What bliss beyond compare!

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