Psalter 425

1. Unto the Lord lift thankful voices,
Come, worship while your soul rejoices;
Make known His doings far and near
That peoples all His Name may fear,
And tell, in many joyful lay,
Of all His wonders day by day.

2. In joyful song your hearts uniting,
His works most marvelous reciting,
Now glory in His holy Name;
Let those that seek Him spread His fame,
Incline their hearts to sing His praise,
And unto Him their anthems raise.

3. Seek ye Jehovah and His power,
Seek ye His presence every hour.
His works, so marvelous and great,
Remember still, and meditate
Upon the wonders of His hands,
The judgments which His mouth commands.

4. Ye seed from Abraham descended,
To whom His favors were extended,
And Jacob’s children, whom the Lord
Has chosen, hearken to His word.
He is the Lord, our Judge divine;
In all the earth His glories shine.

5. Jehovah’s truth will stand forever,
His covenant-bonds He will not sever;
The word of grace which He commands
To thousand generations stands;
The covenant made in days of old
With Abraham He doth uphold.

6. The Lord His covenant people planted
In lands of nations which He granted,
That they His statutes might observe,
Nor from His laws might ever swerve.
Let songs of praise to Him ascend,
And hallelujahs without end.

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