Psalter 430

1. Hallelujah! Praise ye God!
In His temple shout His laud,
Praise Him in the wide extent
Of His spacious firmament,
Sing Jehovah’s praise uprightly;
Praise Him for the plentitude
Of His boundless magnitude,
Praise Him for His deeds so mighty.

2. Praise Him with the trumpet sound,
Let Jehovah’s praise abound,
Praise Him with the Psaltery,
Harp unto His majesty,
Praise Him with the pipe and timbrel;
Praise Him with stringed instruments,
Organ forth His excellence,
Praise Him with the sounding cymbal.

3. Let the clashing cymbals ring,
To the praise of God, the King,
Praise Him with a mighty sound,
Let your voice shake the ground
With the praises of Jehovah;
All that breathe, exalt the Lord,
All ye men, His fame record;
Great is God! Sing: HALLELUJAH!

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