Psalter 431

1. Unto God, our King,
Joy and strength of Israel,
Lofty anthems sing;
Glorious are His ways,
To His Name give praise
With the harp and timbrel.

2. This our festal day
Jacob’s God has given;
Solemn joy display
Throughout all the land;
This is the command
Of the God of heaven.

3. “Hear, my children, hear,”
Saith the Lord who bore thee;
“Never serve nor fear
Gods of wood or stone;
I am God alone,
Worship and adore Me.”

4. “Open,” saith the Lord,
“Wide thy mouth, believing
This My covenant-word:
‘I will, if thou plead,
Fill thine every need,
All thy wants relieving.’ ”

5. “O that to My voice
Israel would hearken!
Then they would rejoice,
Walking in My ways,
Bright and joyous days
Ne’er a foe would darken.”

6. “Most abundant good,
-If thou wouldst but prove Me-
E’en the choicest food,
Honey from the comb,
Wheat the finest known,
I would pour upon thee.”

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