Psalter 438

1. The spacious heavens laud
The glory of our God
With full, majestic praise;
The open firmament,
Unmeasured in extent,
His handiwork displays.
Day will to day proclaim
His sovereignty and fame
With joyful exultation;
Night will reveal to night
Jehovah’s boundless might
And thoughtful ministration.

2. The fear of God is clean,
A fountain of serene
And everlasting bliss;
The judgments of the Lord,
Which purest light afford,
Are truth and righteousness.
More to be sought are they
Than gold and silver, yea,
More precious far than money;
In sweetness they excel
The sweetnesses that well
From honeycomb and honey.

3. God’s law, a perfect whole,
Is saving to the soul,
And every secret tries.
His testimony sure,
Which ever shall endure,
Will make the simple wise.
His statutes, right and true,
Rejoice the heart anew
And show the Lord’s salvation;
His pure commands have lent
Mine eyes enlightenment
In all my meditation.

4. Moreover, they forewarn
Thy servant that he scorn
All evil ways, O Lord.
He that in faith on Thee
Observes them piously
Shall reap a great reward.
But, Lord, where is the man
Who with precision can
Discern his every error?
Thou fount of joy divine,
O clear this heart of mine
From secret faults forever!

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