Psalter 439

1. O Israel’s God, how good Thou art
To all the true and pure of heart!
Though paths of saints are fraught with evil,
Thou showest favor to Thy people.
While faith sank low, I hardly knew
That Thou art Israel’s Keeper true;
When in my grief I nurtured doubt,
I well-nigh slipped from ways devout.

2. Yet in my care, my grief and pain,
I ever, Lord, with Thee remain;
My hand is clasped by Thine forever,
And held by love that faileth never.
On all my ways Thy wise decree,
Through gloomy vale and windswept lea,
Will ever guide my faltering feet,
Till we at last in glory meet.

3. Whom have I, Lord, but Thee on high?
None else on earth can satisfy
But Thou, O God, my soul’s deep yearning;
For Thee my troubled heart is burning.
Though flesh should faint and heart should break,
Thou art my rock that naught can shake;
In life, in death, Thou art my stay,
My strength, my portion, Lord, for aye.

4. All they who wander far from Thee,
Will perish in their misery;
Thou hast destroyed the carnal-hearted,
Who from Thy covenant-ways departed.
But unto Thee, my God on high,
‘Tis good for me that I draw nigh;
I’ll trust Thee, Lord, through all my days,
And publish all Thy works and ways.

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