Psalter 442

1. Our gracious God has laid His firm foundations
On Zion’s mount, the courts of His delight;
Her gates of splendor, bathed in heavenly light,
He loves far more than Jacob’s habitations.

2. What glorious things, O city of Jehovah,
Are spoken in melodious tones of thee!
Lo, Rahab, even Babel, I will see
‘Mid hallowed chorus singing Hallelujah.

3. The Moor with the Philistine and the Tyrian
Shall soon, o Zion, throng thy holy gate;
In gladsome strains we’ll hear her sons relate:
“These all were born within the walls of Zion.”

4. God will Himself confirm them with His blessing,
And on the roll of nations He will count
All these as born on Zion’s holy mount,
In many tongues one God, one faith confessing.

5. Then shall God’s Name with holy adoration
And joyful tones be praised by Israel’s throng;
Both harp and voice will blend in swelling song:
“In Zion are the founts of my salvation.”

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