Psalter 447

1. My soul was glad when unto me
They said, “Come, we will not repair
Unto Jehovah’s house of prayer,
There to adore His majesty.”
Jerusalem, where blessing waits,
Our feet are standing in thy gates,
Here shall we bring our supplications.
Jerusalem is builded well,
It is the pride of Israel,
Securely knit are its foundations.

2. Lo, to thy holy oracles
The tribes assemble from abroad
With thanks unto the Name of God,
For there His holy presence dwells.
The seats of judgment are therein,
The thrones of David’s royal kin,
There sit the rulers of the nations.
Prosperity shall be to them
That love thee, O Jerusalem,
Who make thy peace their supplication.

3. Let peace be found within thy walls
And in thy palaces repose;
Jehovah bless and prosper those
Who dwell within thy favored halls.
For friends and brethren I will say,
“Let peace abide in thee for aye,
May nought disturb thee now or ever.”
By reason of His temple fair
And for the mercy proffered there,
Will I invoke thy good forever.

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