Psalter 448

1. Blest be the God if Israel,
The Lord who visited His own;
Who by His gracious providence
Redemption unto us made known.
Within His servant David’s tent
Has He to us, His people, sent
A horn of full salvation;
E’en as He spoke by holy men of old,
Who unto Israel foretold
How He to them His mercy would unfold.

2. He promised us that He would save
From all who for our ruin wait,
And from the hands of them that rave
Against us with a warring hate;
To show the mercy once foretold
Unto our fathers, and uphold
His holy covenant with us;
That He would still remember in His care
The oath which He to Abram sware,
To benefit His seed from heir to heir.

3. He spoke that He would strength command,
And grant to us when foemen near,
That we, delivered from their hand,
Might worship Him without a fear,
And walk before Him faithfully
In righteousness and sanctity,
While like to us is given.
And thou, O child, so shall they say of thee,
“The prophet of the Lord is he,”
For thou shalt go before Christ’s majesty.

4. Yea, thou shalt make salvation known,
That we may be revived again,
Receiving favor as His own,
In free remission of our sin,
Through God’s compassion and His love
Whereby the Dayspring from above
Has visited His people;
To lighten them that in the darkness hide,
And in the shades of death abide;
Our feet into the way of peace to guide.

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