Psalter 45


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1. Now the King in Thy strength shall be joyful, O Lord,
They salvation shall make Him rejoice;
For the wish of His heart Thou didst freely accord,
The request or His suppliant voice.

2. All the blessings of goodness Thou freely didst give;
With the purest of gold He is crowned;
When He asked of Thee life Thou hast made Him to live
While the ages shall circle around.

3.Through salvation from Thee has His fame spread abroad,
Thou didst glory and honor impart;
Thou hast made Him most blessed forever, O God,
And They presence has gladdened His heart.

4. For the King in the strength of Jehovah Most High
Did unwavering confidence place;
On the Name of Jehovah He still will rely,
And shall stand evermore in His grace.

5. By the hand of Thy might and Thy anger destroyed,
All Thy foes and their offspring shall fail;
By the evil they planned and the craft they employed
They shall never against Thee prevail.

6. Thou wilt speedily make them turn backward in flight,
When Thy arrows are aimed to destroy.
O Jehovah, be Thou far exalted in might,
And Thy pow’r shall our praises employ.

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