Psalter 52


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1. Thou, Jehovah, art my Shepherd,
Therefore I no want shall know;
In green pastures Thou dost rest me,
Leadest when still waters flow,
And, when fainting,
Sweet refreshment dost bestow.

2. For Thy Name’s sake Thou dost guide me
In the paths of righteousness;
Tho’ I walk the vale of shadows,
Fears no more my soul oppress;
Thou are with me,
With Thy rod and staff to bless.

3. Thou preparest me a table
In the presence of the foe;
Thou my head with oil anointest,
Yea, my cup doth overflow.
O my Saviour,
Having Thee, no want I know.

4. Surely grace and lovingkindness
Shall forever follow me,
Till, my days of life all ended,
Evermore my home shall be,
O Jehovah,
In Thy holy house with Thee.

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