Psalter 75


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1. O Lord, to Thee I cry;
Thou art my rock and trust;
O be not silent, lest I die
And slumber in the dust.

2. O hear me when in prayer
Thy favor I entreat;
Hear, while I lift imploring hands
Before Thy mercy seat.

3. O let me have no part
With those that hate the right;
For as their works, so their reward:
Jehovah will requite.

4. But blessed be the Lord
Who hearkens when I cry;
The Lord, my strength, my help, my shield,
On Him will I rely.

5. His help makes glad my heart,
And songs of praise I sing;
Jehovah is His people’s strength,
The stronghold of their king.

6. Bless Thy inheritance,
Our Saviour be, I pray;
Supply Thou all Thy people’s need,
And be their constant stay.

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