Psalter 82


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1. Defend me, Lord, from shame,
For still I trust in Thee;
Since just and righteous is thy Name,
From trouble set me free.
O Lord, in mercy hear,
Deliver me with speed;
Be my defense and refuge near,
My help in time of need.

2. Thee for my rock I take,
My fortress and my stay;
O lead me for Thy own Name’s sake
And guide me in Thy way.
Lord, Thou dost strength impart;
Then free me from the snare
Which foes for me, with wicked art,
Did secretly prepare.

3. My spirit unto Thee
I trustfully commend;
Jehovah, God of truth, to me
Thou didst redemption send.
I hate the false and vain,
My trust is in the Lord,
And still my heart in joyous strain
Thy mercy will record.

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