Psalter 96


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1. Rest in the Lord and be thou still,
With patience wait His holy will,
Enduring to the end.
Fret not tho’ sinners’ gains increase;
Forsake thy wrath, from anger cease;
It will to evil tend.

2. The evildoer soon shall die,
But those that on the Lord rely
Shall all the land obtain;
A little while and thou shalt see
That wicked men cut off shall be,
They shall be sought in vain.

3. Yea, thou shalt soon consider well
The place where they were wont to dwell,
And is shall not be found;
But saints shall all the land possess,
And find delight and happiness
Where fruits of peace abound.

4. The vile may plot against the just
Who in the Lord Jehovah trust,
But God will scorn them all;
The Lord their coming day shall see,
When broken all their pow’r shall be,
And ruin on them fall.

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