Service Information for Dec. 27 2020

Service Information Sunday 9:15AM:  Chris Mourik

Sermon: The Fall of Man
Scripture: Gen. 2:15-3:8
Text: Gen. 3:1-8

1. It began by erosion of the truth.
2. It was willful rebellion against God.
3. It has devastating consequences for man.

Psalter 254:1,3,4
Psalter 291:1-6
Psalter 156:1-3 (2nd Tune)
Psalter 140

Service Information Sunday 6PM:  Chris Mourik

Sermon: Peter’s Bold Confession of Christ
Scripture: Acts 4:1-12
Text: Acts 4:1-12

1. The challenging circumstances of this confession
2. The source of strength behind this confession
3. The convicting nature of this confession
4. The gospel truth in this confession

Psalter 94
Psalter 29
Psalter 302
Psalter 161

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