Service Information for Sept. 27

Service Information Sunday Morning, 9:15am: student Chris Engelsma

Sermon: The Second Night Vision: Four Horns, Four Craftsmen
Scripture: Ezra 4
Text: Zech 1:18-21

Point 1: four horns
Point 2: four craftsmen
Point 3: fulfillment

Psalter 414
Psalter 127
Psalter 353
Psalter 247

Service Information Sunday Evening, 6pm: student Chris Engelsma

Sermon: The Fourth Night Vision: A Word for Joshua
Text:  Zech 3

Introduction – the Night Visions
The scene in the Fourth Vision
The Application for Joshua
The Application for Us

Psalter 367
Psalter 124 1-3,7-9
Psalter 144
Psalter 419

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