The Belgic Confession

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What is the history behind the Belgic Confession?

Article I - There Is Only One God
Article II - By What Means God Is Made Known unto Us
Article III - The Written Word of God
Article IV - Canonical Books of the Holy Scripture
Article V - Whence the Holy Scriptures Derive Their Dignity and Authority
Article VI - The Difference Between the Canonical and Apocryphal Books
Article VII - The Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures to Be the Only Rule of Faith
Article VIII - God Is One in Essence, Yet Distinguished in Three Persons
Article IX - The Proof of the Foregoing Article of the Trinity of Persons in One God
Article X - Jesus Christ Is True and Eternal God
Article XI - The Holy Spirit Is True and Eternal God
Article XII - The Creation of All Things, Especially the Angels
Article XIII - The Providence of God and His Government of All Things
Article XIV - The Creation and Fall of Man, and His Incapacity to Perform What Is Truly Good
Article XV - Original Sin
Article XVI - Eternal Election
Article XVII - The Recovery of Fallen Man
Article XVIII - The Incarnation of Jesus Christ
Article XIX - The Union and Distinction of the Two Natures in the Person of Christ
Article XX - God Has Manifested His Justice and Mercy in Christ
Article XXI - The Satisfaction of Christ, Our Only High Priest, for Us
Article XXII - Our Justification Through Faith in Jesus Christ
Article XXIII - Wherein Our Justification Before God Consists
Article XXIV - Man’s Sanctification and Good Works
Article XXV - The Abolishing of the Ceremonial Law
Article XXVI - Christ’s Intercession
Article XXVII - The Catholic Christian Church
Article XXVIII - Every One Is Bound to Join Himself to the True Church
Article XXIX - The Marks of the True Church, and Wherein It Differs from the False Church
Article XXX - The Government of the Church and Its Offices
Article XXXI - The Ministers, Elders, and Deacons
Article XXXII - The Order and Discipline of the Church
Article XXXIII - The Sacraments
Article XXXIV - Holy Baptism
Article XXXV - The Holy Supper of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Article XXXVI - The Magistracy (Civil Government)
Article XXXVII - The Last Judgment