Announcements for Sunday, August 8.

  • At the recent consistory meeting the consistory decided that Don Vander Boon will be vice-president, Dave Meeuwse will be Clerk, and Jason Klaasen will be Treasurer. Please forward all bulletin announcements to Dave Meeuwse by noon on Friday to be included in the bulletin for Sunday.
  • The consistory also decided to change the evening doxology to Psalter 410, versus 1 and 2, starting next Sunday, August 15.
  • The Mission collection for the month of August is for the Hudson Taylor Ministries. Their website states,” The current worrisome developments in China have led us to temporarily close down our web site. We ask for your prayers relating the difficulties the church in China is experiencing at this time”. us. We are aware that this organization continues to support Christians in China and therefore we perhaps more than ever recommend this cause to your generosity.

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