Announcements for Sunday, May 23.

  • & Mrs. Nathan Kelderman were blessed with the birth of a son, Tobias Mark, last Tuesday. Please pray and give thanks for a well born child.
  • Marriage of Audrey Zevenbergen to Samuel Boerkoel is planned for this week Thursday evening and the marriage of Leah Dykema to Tennison Hoffmann is planned for this week Friday evening. Please pray for both couples that their beginning would be in the Lord.
  • Equipped Community is hosting a fellowship evening for all ages on June 3, 2021, with Pastor A.T. Vergunst and Dr. G.M. Bilkes as speakers. Registration closes May 27 (ly/EQ2021QAregister). Send questions to
  • Thank you for your generosity in holding the fun bridal shower and for the gifts. We are grateful for everyone and their support as we start a new chapter of our lives!  Eli and Miriam


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